Pac Man 80's Cookies - Royal Icing

These cookies are sure to get some smiles. Whether you are having a Pac Man or 80's Theme Party everyone will love these. And because of the shape and design they are fairly easy to decorate.  I have seen for sale Pac Man and Ghost cookie cutters, but you really don't need to buy if you already have a collection of cutters. I used a circle cutter and a tulip flower shape.  
  • Circle cookie cutter
  • Tulip flower cookie cutter
  • Icing tubes
  • Wilton Color Right Colors:  Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, White
  • Sugar Cookie Dough. Wilton Roll-Out Cookie Dough Recipe found on
  • Royal Icing. Wilton Royal Icing recipe found on
After using the circle cutter, cut out a v shape for the mouth. After using the tulip cutter, cut off the little stem piece on the bottom.
If you do not have a tulip cutter you could use an oval shape and cut the bottom zig zag.  
I used wilton squeeze bottles for my icing. Consistency of icing should be about "15 seconds".  
I always keep my bottles in a bowl upside down so the icing is always ready to flow.  
I made an outline first for a border then I filled in the cookie completely.  
I used a toothpick to smooth out bubbles and any touch up.  I let cookies dry 3 hours before adding the eyes.
For the eyes I used a white dot and immediately followed with the black dot.
For the white and black icing I used sandwich bags instead of the squeeze bottles.
I only made a small amount of icing so it is better not to use the bottles.
Watch everyone Chomp! Chomp!......these ups!

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