Inside Out Rainbow Cupcake Tutorial

We just saw Disney's Inside Out Movie. We LOVED it! I decided to make Inside Out cupcakes. Color frosting to match the emotions and rainbow cake inside.  

       What I Used:

       Duncan Hines Cake Mix (Nut & Milk Free)

       Pillsbury Frosting

       Wilton Color Right Dyes

       Cupcake Cups 

       Inside Out Character Cupcake Rings

       Wilton Frosting Bags 

       Wilton Star Frosting Tip/Coupler 


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I made the cupcakes following the package instructions. I divided the batter into 4 red plastic cups and added the coloring to make the four colors of the rainbow cake. I used Red, Blue, Yellow, and I made Green with Yellow and Blue.  The plastic cups made it easy to pour into the cupcake cups. Put a small amount of each color batter into each baking cup. Fill about 3/4 full.  After putting into the oven for baking I started to get the frosting ready.

Next I divided up the pre-made frosting into 6 bowls for mixing the colors. I made blue, yellow, red, green, purple, and left one white.  For the color green I used 2:1 ratio with yellow:blue and to make purple I used 2:1 ratio with red:blue.


I used the same steps for all colors. Using the Wilton disposable frosting bags I filled with each color frosting and frosted each cupcake in a circle motion from outside in. I added the Inside Out Cupcake character ring to match the color frosting and then I added some Mini Trix.  My kids had Mini Trix the week prior and they really reminded us of the memory orbs of the movie.  When filling the frosting bags I put them into cups, which make it easier for filling.


The colors were bright and the cake inside was beautiful. The kids loved these. These would be great for your inside out party or any theme with rainbow colors.


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  • Jill says...

    Wow…those cupcakes look fantastic!!! Yum yum!

    October 05, 2015

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