Introducing.....{drum roll please} the POTTY PRIZE PAIL !!!!!

We would like to introduce you to the "Potty Prize Pail".

This simple kit will help you begin the potty training process. Each set includes:

A set of 50 different reward prizes tailored to a boy or girl they will be excited to earn. The best part is no two prizes are the same! It would take a lot of time and money to recreate this goodie mix. Sets vary and are constantly changing, but may include current and famous character stickers, rings, figures, bracelets, etc.

A sheet of star stickers that can be used on a daily progress chart. Once they start seeing the stars on their chart they will want to earn more. 

Print out a free potty chart to track the daily progress.




    "Using a reward system has really sped things along with my son. He is excited to see what prize he gets next" -Kathy M.

    "It's amazing what a star on a chart can do to motivate my daughter to use the toilet." -Barb L.

    "I like that no two prizes are the same. Collecting all on my own would have been time consuming ... and expensive!" -Julia R. 



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