Super Mario Bros. Small Bowser Jr. Plush Doll

$ 19.99


Bowser Jr…. Koopa Jr…. is here! Whichever name you know him by, you'll want this diminutive antagonist in your official Super Mario Plush Doll collection. The limited availability Bowser Jr. Plush Doll stands about 7-inches tall, ready to wreak havoc! 

Bowser Jr., known as "Koopa Jr." in Japan, is the eighth and youngest child of Bowser. He acts as the main antagonist of both Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros., with his father playing only a minor role in each. In Super Mario Sunshine, he uses a magic paintbrush, invented by Professor E. Gadd, and a special kerchief to transform into a translucent blue doppelgänger of Mario, Shadow Mario.

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