Yo-Kai Watch Plush Figures - Wiglin

$ 9.99


In the world of the Yo-kai . . . characters sometimes have those days where nothing goes right. They lose their keys. Their pants fall down. They fart in a crowded elevator! Chances are, a Yo-kai is to blame. They're everywhere, causing daily annoyances, and they're invisible except to the characters who have befriended them. 

Here is Wiglin. Wiglin is a green-skinned seaweed-like Yo-kai with diminutive black eyes. He wears a turquoise haori with eye-like markings on the sleeves, white pants and a white bow on his head. Wiglin is an energetic and cheerful Yo-kai who loves to dance.

Luckily, the plush version of this five-alarm friend is a huggable. Plush figures from Yo-kai Watch feature the soft and cuddly side of the characters from the animated series.
Includes plush figure. Approx. 7" tall.
• Plush Blazion figure
• Soft and lovable
• The cuddly side of Yo-Kai
• Ages 3 and up.


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