Yo-Kai Watch Plush Figures Wibble Wobble - Chibanyan

$ 5.99


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In the world of the Yo-kai . . . characters sometimes have those days where nothing goes right. They lose their keys. Their pants fall down. They fart in a crowded elevator! Chances are, a Yo-kai is to blame. They're everywhere, causing daily annoyances, and they're invisible except to the characters who have befriended them. When he's not lying around eating chocolate bars, Jibanyan likes to practice his fighting moves on passing trucks--usually with painful results!

Featuring the soft and cuddly side of Yo-kai, this cute and squishy version of Jibanyan is designed to look like the character from the Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble app. This Jibanyan plush toy connects to the other plush in this assortment (each sold separately). To attach Yo-kai plush together, align the plastic pieces, twist, and lock it in place. Kids can show off their stack with the attached clip. The more they collect, the more they can connect! (Each sold separately.)

Includes plush toy with clip.

• Attach Yo-kai plush and stack (each sold separately)
• Kids can show off their stack with the clip
• Soft Jibanyan plush
• 6 to collect 

Figure scale: 3 inches

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